Working Mobile Just Got Easier

It’s no secret, mobile working is here to stay and your permanent desk is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. But as our workplaces and way of working changes, so too do the things we need to carry with us. The question now facing organisations is how to make sure their employees can set up and start working quickly and easily as well as ensuring they have the right tools when and where they need them. 

MOBICASE is Roving Work’s latest and greatest exciting venture, with the new company developing intelligent, innovative solutions for professionals who are on the go. With two sizes to choose from, there is a MOBICASE to suit everybody.




At rovingwork, we like to make an impression. Our best seller MOBICASE is the Ultimate ‘Anywhere’ Workstation Bag that will make heads turn and when we look at developing new products, we consider the way we work, where we work and how to maximise productivity with minimum downtime so you have the joy of a functional and practical workpiece.

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